Coin collecting is a boring hobby for most people but is a pleasurable and enjoyable one for some. What many coin collectors like about coin collecting is the full range of options. A lot of coin collectors have coin themes that they follow, although they can collect any coin they want.

Year collection

This collection focuses on a specific coin and denomination. A coin collector who chooses a year collection theme collects his coins by year. A collector may collect all Lincoln coins from the date of its creation up to the present. Once he or she completes this set, the collector will move on to another set of coins.

Type collection

Coins have particular designs, and coin collectors notice that. A coin collector may collect coins that have a hole in the center. He or she focuses more on a specific type of currency, no matter which country or date it originated.

coin collectors

Country collection

One of the top coin collecting themes is collecting by country. Coin collectors who choose this theme strive to get coins from as many countries as they can. It is a never-ending collection since most countries keep on changing their currencies. That is why a lot of coin collectors prefer this theme.

Error collection

Coin collectors also collect coins based on mistakes on them. Some mistakes are not obvious, and some are visible to the naked eye. Older coins in the 19th century have more mistakes in them because of being hand-minted. Common errors found are overdates, double dies, double strikes, and clipped coins. Collectors also collect off metal coins and displace coins. Coins with errors are very unusual and seldom found these days. That is because minting now uses a fully-automated technique.

Period collection

Some collectors prefer to collect coins based on a specific period, and they use different periods as their basis. Common choices are the Victorian era, the Byzantine, and the Greek period.

Subject collection

Collectors also collect coins that have a particular subject marked on them. Popular choices are those with a ship or animals. It is vital to do a lot of research to find out which countries have this kind of coin. It helps expand the subject collection.

Composition collection

There are coins created with a combination of two or more metals. Some collectors collect coins based on this. A lot of foreign currencies have different metal compositions. Some countries use more than two combinations of metal and make their coins bimetal.

Coin collecting preference depends on the collector and does not have to rely on a theme. A coin collector can collect all the types of coins he or she wants.