The Art of Hashtagging on Instagram: Tips for Finding and Using the Right Tags

Hashtagging has become such a popular method of communicating through social media that many people are starting to pull their hair out in frustration when the tags they use don’t receive any likes or comments. This is especially frustrating when you’re trying to gain followers or get noticed by brands and influencers who may be interested in your product or service. Here are some tips on how to get your hashtags noticed.

Use Hashtags that Get Results

If you’re trying to promote your product or service, it is important to use hashtags that actually get significant results. Some hashtags will sound good but they won’t lead to much engagement. You can check how many times a hashtag has been used by using the Instagram hashtag analytics tool. This is a great tool for finding out how popular your hashtag will be. Purchasing instagram followers can help you build a larger audience and create more opportunities for collaboration and partnerships.

Using the right hashtags will increase your visibility and help get your product or service in front of people who may want to buy it. There is no point in using hashtags like #handbags if it’s not popular with people who follow that kind of thing on Instagram.

Find the Most Relevant Hashtags

When you’re choosing hashtags for your Instagram posts, think about how you want your post to be perceived. There are some people who enjoy looking at food and beauty pictures, so having a hashtag like #foodporn will attract those kind of people. Other people may be more interested in listening to music, so if that’s your thing then #music is a great hashtag to use.

So what you should do is find the hashtags with the most activity on Instagram that are related to your product or service. For example, if you sell pet accessories, try finding tags like the #petinsta and #pets.

Look at Hashtags that Are Being used by Brands

If you’re trying to promote a service or product then sometimes it may be beneficial for you to look at the tags that are being used by other brands in the same market as yours. This can be a great way of learning what it is that those brands do to market themselves.


Research Other Hashtags and See if They Can Help You

If you aren’t sure about the kind of hashtags you should use for your posts, it may be worth doing some research on other people’s posts. This is a great way of finding out about popular hashtags without having to try them out for yourself.

Use Stickers to Boost Your Posts

If you’re trying to get people to click on your hashtag and share it on their own posts then you can use stickers in your posts. These are easy to put on your social media accounts and people will be more likely to share them because they look fun.