Amazon screen door with magnets


In this modern world, almost all transactions are made online, particularly shopping. Although it provides you with convenience, there are still some downsides to it.

Online Shopping Problems

        According to the recent statistics, a massive financial loss amounting to $2.7 billion is caused by internet-enabled theft alone and one of these contributing factors is online shopping scams from the e-commerce sector. The prevalence of this problem is due to the presence of phishing sites which are made by hackers as an avenue to steal private contact and banking details from unsuspecting buyers through masquerading them as well-known websites. This is common to buyers who have less to zero knowledge in identifying a legit online business from a fraud one.

Amazon screen door with magnets

Criteria of a Reliable Online Store Website

     Using a personal computer or mobile phone, there are only a few things you need to remember in identifying a fraud website. Taking note of all these things will keep you away from being their nth victim.

  • The presence of a padlock icon before the uniform resource locator (URL) or web address signifies the presence of SSL/TSL encryption.
  • The URL must start with https:// and NOT WITH JUST AN http:// because the “s” there denotes “secure” which only means the website is heavily guarded by Secure Socket Layer or Transport Layer Security (SSL/TSL) encryption that protects the connection between the website and the client from any third-party trying to intercept it.
  • Check the URL if it is written correctly. Some hackers mimic the site’s name using alphanumeric symbols like or If you are not observant enough, you will surely be part of the statistics of scammed people.
  • During sales on holiday seasons or Black Friday, these scammers get creative with their schemes by perfectly mimicking the original sites. To check their legitimacy, you may try the following online sites:
  • Google Transparency Report verifies the site if it is legally operating in the cyber world.
  • Who is Lookup checks the age of the site.
  • Better Business Bureau® certifies the business compliance with the laws of the state it belongs.
  • A fake site is full of broken links and grammar errors with unbelievable offers.

Knowing all these things makes you an empowered consumer.

Low Priced State-of-the-Art Screen Doors: Where to find them

                An Amazon screen door with magnets is a perfect pair for your door during summer as it comes with the following innovative features:

  • The sinewed magnets within the fabric of the middle seams provide a no-hands entry for the passers which are entirely beneficial for your furballs and toddlers.
  • The heavy-duty meshes are intricately stitched to prolong the product’s service life.
  • The multilayers of screens provide initial protection from disease-carrying vectors—the bugs.
  • The seamlessness of the screen doors promotes good indoor air circulation.